Version 1.1 Road-map / by brennon williams

Experience has taught us that the single biggest challenge with Cognitive AI is architectural dependencies.

This is why each version of the iLi engine was written either completely from scratch, or with very little code reuse from the previous one.

Dependencies spread out through cognitive models like ripples on a pond. Even the smallest new feature has the ability to break logic or breed unintended consequences.

With each new feature, we need to understand its impact on the cognitive models both locally and online. We assess dependency graphs and strategize how to implement an end feature.

The Personality architecture was created as a result of a much larger feature to come in a future version. We have to implement several additional features to support this larger feature in a broader functional sense.

V1.1 features planning

Persona management

We are implementing further tools and extensions to help you manage your iLi Persona Catalog.

This will include the ability to delete existing and to create “Clone” versions of your personas.

Illustration purposes only

What is “Cloning”?

Cloning will allow you to create a master Persona (in this example Sally) and from there, build out individual iterations of the same Persona which you can apply to different circumstances as you see fit.

In this example, Sally will be deployed in different geographical regions of the US where the terminology and overall attitude may be slightly different from state to state.

Further impacts of Cloning

Previously in V1.0, when you deployed your AIStudio solution, only the Active Persona was compiled into your project.

In V1.1 projects, all of the Clones will be compiled into your project and you will be able to specify through an Adapter into the iLi engine Reactor, which persona is being used during an interaction.

The Master Persona will be the default fall back when a Persona is not specified.


Persona based Output Items

With Cloning implemented we can give you even greater control of the engine output options.

In this example, the Miami based Sally can refer to a “tap” as a “spigot” by implementing different output values assigned directly to the Miami version only.

Location based persona categories is simply a name value of a version instance of your Persona, so you can create Clone Personas named anything you like.

Personalities have a very large impact on overall platform functionality. We’ll be adding further features in future versions.


AIStudio Updater

We have started to work on an application updater for V1.1.

This will allow us to push more frequent updates to future versions and importantly create rapid high priority fixes.

The full functionality and Scope of the Updater is still being assessed but our V1.1 goals as a minimum is for core AIStudio and AISHost application updates along with redistributable file updates to maintain build integrity.


Early Access Builds (EAB)

The functionality described here is “design in progress” and may not necessarily make it into a release version. If user feedback is poor or doesn’t work to solve additional platform challenges in a way that is meaningful, we will go back to the drawing board and try again.

If you are a Developer subscriber or above, we will notify you when EAB Version 1.1 is available to try.