We have a pulse… / by brennon williams


Today was a wonderful day.

We finally got everything up. Live. Open. Working.

It’s a soft launch as it goes. Enough to show people exactly what it is that we’ve been working on for what feels like an eternity, but in reality, has just been a crazy eight months.

Enough for a select few to download, install and start building.

I need to keep reminding myself that it is Version 1. Things will break, they will get fixed and they may break again. I need to contain my excitement for what is coming in future versions.

For now, it’s about getting the site into shape, getting the videos done and sorting out the PR for the coming months.

What you’ll find in this blog

This blog is split into three main categories:

  • Road-map

We want to be as transparent as possible about what we are working on in coming releases. Most of the content under this title will be considerations towards the Early Access Builds before they get to general release

  • News

As and when we reach various milestones that we think should be shared, we’ll push that information out under the category title of News

  • Customer stories

Nothing is more exciting than the prospect of great customer stories. We want to know about (and help as much as possible) with great customer stories.

Goals of AIStudio Version 1

Version 1 has some specific goals that need to be achieved before we can move forward onto the truly magical bits.

We want to understand how our customers work with the platform, how they use the editor and AISHost. We also want to know how we can build an even better user experience and most importantly, we want to understand how to provide the best customer service.

The areas inside the editor that we are primarily focused on for V1 are:

  • We’ve tried to make Persona creation and management as simple as possible
    • What’s the trade off if we expose more of the underlying complexity behind personalities?
      • Greater accuracy, but ultimately a slower and more complex user experience
    • How easy is it to create and manage a personality from the persona?
      • How can we ensure our users have a friction free experience hooking up IBM Watson?
  • The user experience of creating scripts
    • How quickly can blocks be added?
    • What improvements can we make to the workflow of connecting blocks?
    • Should we let the platform have greater input into automating these tasks?
  • Does the concept of the connected blueprint make sense when linking scripts?
  • Is the process of "compile and test" working smoothly?
    • Can we ease the introduction of more AISHost functionality without breaking workflows and user data


With out Beta testers providing initial feedback, we are hoping to quickly update the solution to iron out any of the typical V1 bugs that are found along the way. And if possible, open-up some of the features that didn’t quite make it into this first release.

You’re here for ground zero

The hardest thing about getting a venture like AIStudio off the ground is being able to satisfy customers as early as possible; and get more customers.

By coming here and reading this blog, you’re going to see how AIStudio develops along the way. How it changes based on our customer requirements and experiences. How we will push to get the word out and share our technology.

We could always do with your help, so please tell us early and often what you want to see, what you want to do, and how we can better serve you.

We'd really appreciate it if you can tell your friends and colleagues that you found us and ask them to also join in.

Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We’re genuinely excited to work with you.

Source: https://www.aistudio.com