AIStudio Version 1.0.2 Released / by brennon williams

1.0.2 is our V1 feature complete release.

We’ve been pushing hard towards our public launch and PR which means getting the website content completed.

We also managed to get some new features released into both the AIStudio editor and AISHost which are described later in this post.


Website updates

A website is never really complete, but in saying this the site now has sufficient content to answer most questions that users may have about how to use the editor and how to deploy a project.

We’ll continue to add more great content as we progress and let you know about it as it happens.

These are just a few snippets of updates from the site.

Video Tutorials

We now have a complete set of video tutorials available, taking users all the way through creating a basic conversation up to integrating an AIStudio project with WPF and Bot Framework solutions

There is quite a lot of content to go through, including source code reviews of two Adapters that we have also made available.


NuGet packages

We’ve added two NuGet packages which help those that are developing broader solutions, integrating AIStudio with Visual Studio.

You can find further information about Adapters as well as links and video information on the Adapters page of the site


Chatbots and Visual Studio Template

We had a lot of requests from early users for us to explain how to integrate AIStudio with Microsoft’s Bot Framework.

So we went one step further and created a Visual Studio project template which set’s everything up from the start including using the NuGet package for Bot Framework mentioned previously.

We also created a quick video with further information about how to setup the template package and here you will find specific video tutorials that show the usage of the source code


Source Code now available

We have made the source code available for the Adapters that are shown in the video tutorials, along with the source code for a test WPF integration application.

These are all available under the Download categories in the developer portal, Download Centre


New AIStudio editor and AISHost features

Engine Notifications

The Engine Notifications feature was not quite ready for prime time until today!

This feature contains two primary areas of functionality:

  1. An outbound data payload solution to help manage your applications
  2. An inbound instruction to execute a specific Script

With the outbound notification, you can configure data packages to be sent to an Adapter at runtime which allows you to manage code and functionality that is external to your AIStudio project conversations.

For example, if you want to actually turn some lights on, your application will need to be told when to call that type of code or function to do so.

The data packages are a JSON formatted payload which can contain data about the currently executing block, parameter values as well as your own custom Key-Value-Pair data.

The most immediate view you will have of the notification system is in the changes made to AISHost to show your payloads as they are delivered during your host execution of the conversation.

In this screen shot, you can see (on the right hand side of the screen) that the last notification contains a custom Key-Value-Pair along with details about the executing block

You can learn more about Engine Notifications in our video tutorials which show them in use with the example WPF solution.

Engine Notifications are available for Maker subscribers and above


Delete Script

Sometimes you might just want to quickly test a script or you may have created one that really doesn’t make much sense.

In V1.0.2 we now give you the ability to delete a script.

There are a few caveats to be aware of

  • You can’t have a project with no scripts, so there must be more than one script in order to delete
  • The script intended to be deleted must not be linked to or from another script
  • There are no undo mechanisms, so be sure you really want it gone

Delete Block Function

Modifying a configurable block function after you have created it is an extremely complex action. Underneath, the code must traverse all the interconnected models that the block may impact across all scripts, in order to maintain the integrity of the intelligence models.

In V1.0.2 we have introduced the ability to delete all functional items in all block types. While this is not as convenient as an “Edit” feature, this certainly saves you needing to delete the entire block.

The ability to Edit a functional item is high on our priority list. We’ll let you know when it makes the cut.


V1.0.x moving forward

With the AIStudio editor and AISHost application, we will continue to make incremental changes and high priority fixes when and if required. These incremental versions are always shown as the numeric change in the third digit of the version number.

For example, further fixes to V1.0 would result in version 1.0.3.

We have now started working on Version 1.1 which will include new features to further extend the functional use of the AIStudio platform (including online solutions) and the iLi engine.

As we plan for those new features, we’ll post details in articles here for you to get some insight into our road-map.

For Developer level subscribers and above, you’ll have access to the first drops in the Early Access Builds.

We encourage all users to get in touch and tell us what is working and what isn’t. What you’d like to see or add to a wish list.

Finally, a big thank you to all those users who already have provided feedback and have helped to get us to V1 feature complete.