AIStudio Version 1.0.1 Released / by brennon williams

A few fast and furious weeks since the soft launch and we have managed to clean up a stack of bugs and fixes that were plaguing the editor, as well as make improvements to the developer portal.


Developer Portal Updates

We have a number of “known issues” appearing and are working through those with various parties that are needed to be involved. The download section of the AIStudio developer portal now shows all of the release information along with an updated list of known issues.

New AIStudio editor features

Quick Blocks.

This was a feature that didn’t make the V1 first release, but we are really pleased to get it out in V1.0.1.

As the name suggests, this makes creating blocks much quicker! Just type the name of the block, select the type of block and then hit “Make This Block” and you are good to go.

The resulting block inherits its Context directly from the Intent block, so you need to consider when it is more appropriate to build a block using the full “Add New Block” process where you define a full Context.

Existing Context

You can now also select an existing Context when proceeding through the “Add New Block” process. This makes creating new blocks significantly faster.

Editor Stability

We have made several fixes and slight changes to the performance of the editor by threading several screen areas so you should see a much more responsive load of the Persona Management screen and related functions.

Issues that were showing up with selected Block properties not being shown now also appear to be behind us.

Some bugs don’t create active errors – for example, the properties not showing on the selected block doesn’t actually cause any errors. If you see anything like this occurring, please let us know through the support area in the website.


That’s it for V1.0.1